All ChallengeHER conferences follow a formal curriculum. Standard topics are offered at locations all across the country. The agenda is divided into three major parts:

1. General Sessions on WOSB Federal Contracting Program


What a WOSB/EDWOSB Can Do to Help Create Set-asides

A WOSB set-aside is not an automatic occurrence, especially since there are conditions that must be met. This session will show you how to create the set-aside when marketing your business to those in the buying process.

Working with Federal Buyers (Moderated Panel)

This is your opportunity to talk to a contracting officer and others in the buying process to ask questions about the best practices for winning contracts.

2. Break-out sessions for starting federal contractors

Research and Marketing – Doing Your Homework

This session is designed to teach participants the nuances of market research and outreach in the federal procurement space touching on the following topics:

  • How to research an agency and the importance of understanding your agency’s needs
  • What marketing documents to prepare
  • Understanding Sources Sought – market research
Who’s Who in Procurement Buying

There are many layers included in the federal procurement process and all of them are extremely important for the successful contractor. This session explains:

  • What the layers are (and who is in them)
  • Why they’re in place
  • Circumstances for approaching them

3. Break-out sessions for experienced federal contractors

Making and Keeping Your Business DCAA Compliant

Ensuring that your business is DCAA compliant is one of the most important tasks a government provider can do to keep from having a bad review. This session is taught by the local DCAA team providing you with the right systems and processes.

Teaming and Joint Ventures

Before you enter your next teaming agreement, make sure you understand the proper procedures for forming an enforceable teaming agreement, important clauses you should include in your agreement, and common pitfalls you should avoid.

Before attending a ChallengeHER event, attendees should review the WOSB Webinar to make sure you have a basic understanding of the WOSB Federal Contracting program. In addition, all attendees should have a basic understanding of how to register on SAM; including knowledge of your NAICS code, the FAR, and have their SBA profile up to date.  CLICK HERE for information on getting started.